Surgical Attractions, a South African based company that arranges cosmetic surgery procedures in South Africa for UK residents, has come up with a concept whereby UK based beauty therapists can play a bigger role in cosmetic surgery post operatively.

“More and more UK residents are choosing to have their cosmetic surgery procedures in South Africa for a variety of reasons”, says Surgical Attractions’ Ingrid Lomas. “Due to the extremely favourable SA/UK exchange rate UK residents can enjoy the highest standard of cosmetic surgery by world-renowned surgeons in state-of-the-art medical facilities for far less than the cost of having the same surgery performed in the UK”.

Package the surgery with equally affordable luxury recuperation venues and holiday destinations at a variety of superb locations, including leading Safari Lodges, and its no wonder that UK residents are flocking to sunny South Africa for their cosmetic surgery. Not to mention the added perk of returning home without a hint of having had surgery - and wowing friends and family with their absolutely gorgeous post ‘holiday’ looks!

Surgical Attractions however don’t believe their clients should become complacent after a cosmetic surgery procedure. “Once our wonderful surgeons have performed their side of the operation by restoring our clients to their former glory, or according to some patients making them look better than ever before, we encourage them to maintain their new look”, says Ingrid. “By urging them to visit their local beauty salon in the UK regularly for post-operative maintenance treatments”.

Surgical Attractions believe that the very necessary post-operative role of the beauty therapist has been largely underplayed in the past and that clients should be made aware that regular facial and body treatments can preserve the very positive effects of cosmetic surgery for far longer than they could imagine.

To this end Surgical Attractions not only intend educating their clients, while they are in their care, about the great benefits of post-operative beauty therapy but would also like to be able to refer each client to their nearest accredited BABTAC beauty salon on their return to the UK.

If you are interested in everything Surgical Attractions has to offer they can be contacted via their website or telephonically on +27 11 880 5122.