We will be there for you every step of the way.


Peruse our web site at your leisure. Familiarise yourself with all the surgical procedures, non-surgical procedures, recuperation establishments and rejuvenation destinations we offer.


Make your own personal selections.


Complete and send back our detailed Enquiry Form that enables you to provide us with all your details and requirements in one. So that you don’t have to keep returning to our web site in order to fill in yet another form.


On receipt of your Enquiry Form we will note your particular needs in terms of procedure(s) and your desires and aspirations for the outcome.

Once we have made our assessment we will revert to you with a recommendation for the surgeon best suited to your requirements plus his or her CV (Curriculum Vitae).

At the same time we will provide you with a quote for your cosmetic surgery procedure(s), your recuperation and your rejuvenation holiday (should you be having one.)


Once you have studied the recommended surgeon’s CV and reverted to us with your acceptance we will set the wheels in motion for the next step.

If you require an alternative surgeon recommendation we will be happy to note your comments in this regard and provide you with same.


Once you have accepted a recommended surgeon we will arrange a teleconference between the two of you. At this time your surgeon will be in possession of your digital photo, medical history and your desires and aspirations for the outcome of your surgery.

(If you have supplied contact details of your GP, your surgeon would also have discussed your medical history with your GP prior to the teleconference).

Therefore your surgeon will be well equipped to discuss his/her recommended method of cosmetic surgery procedure and your special needs with you. You will also be urged to ask as many questions as you like concerning the procedure.


Once your surgeon has personally evaluated your particular case, in conjunction with you, adjustments may be made to the quote. Rest assured however that adjustments would only be made in your best interests.


Between your first teleconference and your intended arrival for your surgical procedure in South Africa, Surgical Attractions urge you to continue asking any questions of your surgeon that may come to mind.

By asking about everything you need to know you can be sure of making an informed decision regarding your surgical procedure(s). These questions can be directed to your surgeon via email or telephonically as part of the service offered.


Once you have asked your surgeon all the questions you can think of, have discussed alternative treatments with him/her, are in agreement as to the desired outcome, fully understand the risks and have generally satisfied yourself that you wish to go ahead with the procedure(s), we will require you to make a non-refundable deposit in order for us to go ahead with your provisional booking. The deposit to be transferred into Surgical Attractions’ bank account via bank transfer.

STEP 10:

Three weeks prior to your scheduled cosmetic surgery procedure you will be sent a booking form and a procedure consent form - both for your signature. On receipt of these signed forms your booking will be confirmed with all the relevant parties.

STEP 11:

Two weeks prior to your arrival in South Africa for your procedure we will require that the balance amount be deposited into Surgical Attractions’ bank account via bank transfer.

STEP 12:

On receipt of the funds your booking will be confirmed with you and your pre and post operative instructions forwarded to you together with a detailed itinerary of your surgery, medical appointments, recuperation accommodation and your rejuvenation holiday (should you be participating in one).

STEP 13:

You will be welcomed at one of our International Airports by a representative / companion of Surgical Attractions and transported to your hotel / guest lodge where you will relax and acclimatise.

STEP 14:

The following day you will be transported by your Surgical Attractions companion to your pre-operative medical appointment with your surgeon. Neither you nor your surgeon is obligated to go ahead with the cosmetic surgery procedure until the completion of the pre-operative appointment.

If for medical reasons your surgeon feels the surgery should not proceed as scheduled, or you decide not to go ahead with it, the cost of your surgery will be refunded to you in full less the non-refundable administration fee.

STEP 15:

Depending on whether you have decided to take your Rejuvenation Holiday before or after your surgical procedure(s) will determine whether you depart for your holiday or are admitted to the hospital/clinic the following day. Either way your Surgical Attractions companion will accompany you to either the airport or the hospital/clinic.

STEP 16:

On the day of your admittance to the hospital/clinic for your surgical procedure(s) your Surgical Attractions companion will assist you with your admittance and make sure you are safely settled in. Your surgeon will then visit you in your private room prior to surgery.

STEP 17:

Your Surgical Attractions companion will be there for you when you are discharged and will transport you back to your hotel/guest lodge for the commencement of your recuperation.

STEP 18:

Although you will be surrounded by caring personnel at your hotel/guest lodge during your recuperation, Surgical Attractions will regularly check up on your progress throughout the period and your companion will accompany you to your medical check-ups with your surgeon.

STEP 19:

At the end of your pampered recuperation you will emerge feeling like a new person and ready to show off the new you to the world!

STEP 20:

At this stage you will either be returning home or leaving for your rejuvenation holiday. Either way your Surgical Attractions companion will be seeing you on your way.

Regardless of whether you take your Rejuvenation Holiday, at one of our magnificent destinations, before or after your surgical procedure(s), we are confident that you will experience a holiday of a lifetime.