If time wasn’t the most highly prized commodity in the fast moving world of today, we would no doubt be able to persuade our clients to spend more time recovering pre-operatively, from their plane journey to South Africa and their normal hectic daily schedules.

However we do try and enforce a minimum 48 hour acclimatisation period, prior to surgery, as our surgeons are of the opinion that acclimatisation is essential in ensuring the best possible outcome of surgical procedures.

As a result of this clients often opt for taking their Rejuvenation Holiday prior to their surgical procedure(s) - by the end of which time they are completely acclimatised and relaxed.


During the pre-operative phase our clients are encouraged to prepare their bodies for surgery by aiding their relaxation with a variety of skin and body enhancing treatments best suited to their particular chosen procedure or procedures.

These treatments will not only help to remove the mental stresses usually associated with the pre-operative stage but will also help to promote a relaxed and healthy physical state, highly beneficial to a faster rate of post-operative recovery.


Surgical Attractions do not believe that cosmetic surgery should be a repetitive quick fix procedure.

On the contrary we believe that clients should be encouraged to maintain the quality of their surgery by regular beauty treatments especially suited to the surgical procedure they have undergone. Thereby prolonging the life of their surgery and preserving their wonderful rejuvenated appearance for far longer than they would imagine possible.

To this end Surgical Attractions will not only encourage very necessary post-operative treatments, at the hands of highly qualified beauty therapists, in order to hasten recovery from varying degrees of individual swelling and bruising.

We will also encourage clients to have their skin reassessed post operatively in order to recommend the best way for them to carry on looking after their wonderful new look.