Below is a list of full testimonials and extracts provided by some of Surgical Attractions' many clients.


I am half Jewish and inherited a “Jewish” nose which I believed was unattractive. So as a teenager I desperately wanted to get it “fixed”. This was back in the 1980s – before the event of the Internet. I did not know how to go about such a thing and had little support from my parents, both in terms of finding a surgeon and in terms of financing the operation. I worked long hours as a waitress on weekends to save up the money. When I had what I thought was enough I found a surgeon in the Yellow Pages and went ahead with the procedure. It turned out to be a complete disaster but at the time I thought it was better than my old nose. It was a disaster because the surgeon had cut away too much bone and cartilage so that my nose looked too short, upturned and had an unsightly bulbous spongy tip, a “polly beak” as they call it in professional circles (see picture below).

As the years passed I felt more and more desperate about my nose but was afraid to go through another operation. Then I found a nose surgery specialist on the Internet which specializes in “revision” nose surgery, which is a unique type of surgery to correct previously gone wrong ones (a much more difficult and complex procedure than operating on a “virgin” nose). Based on the information on the website, I was prepared for a cost of about R50000. So I went to see the surgeon with the hope of finally getting my nose fixed. He did an examination and took photos and explained that it would be an extremely long and complex procedure, requiring the extensive use of grafting materials. He showed me on the computer how my new nose would look. It was a dream. Until he told me his price. It was more than double what I was prepared for. He also said that there is no one else in South Africa who can do this operation to this level of professionalism. I was devastated and left the place in tears. I so wanted my old nose back and regretted having made the decision as a teenager.

I tried to forget about the whole thing and told myself that there is no way I would spend that kind of money on a nose op, even if I had it, and that I would just have to continue to live with it. But I couldn’t forget it. So I decided that I must find another way. I started my search from scratch and came upon Surgical Attractions on the Internet. I filled in a response form and the next day Ingrid phoned me and listened to my whole long saga. I sent her my photos and said that I did not want perfection, just an improvement and that I didn’t want to have to sell my house to be able to afford it. She said that I must not worry and that of course there are others who can do this procedure at an affordable rate. She immediately went to work. During this time I also sent my photos to another surgeon who rejected my case, saying that he was not prepared to fix another’s mistake.

Ingrid got back to me with two names, one in Cape Town and another in Jo’burg. She kept reassuring me that Surgical Attractions knows the most excellent surgeons for the individual jobs and that they deal only with the very best. Since I stay in Jo’burg and have a family, I opted for the Jo’burg surgeon to keep the costs down. I saw the surgeon and he assured me that he could help me. He was very sensitive about the previous surgery and knew exactly what my problem was and how to address it. So I went ahead with the procedure and paid as little as R30000, including the agency fee (of Surgical Attractions). I am thrilled with the results. My nose now looks sculpted and natural and I consider it a 100% improvement on what it was. I feel confident now and won’t try to avoid photographs as I did in the past. I still can’t believe that this long-standing dream has now finally been fulfilled. I no longer feel that I am walking around with an in-disguisable deformity and I no longer look at my children’s (and other people’s) perfect noses wishing and longing that I had one too.

I would recommend Ingrid from Surgical Attractions to anyone who has any desire to undergo any type of surgery. She will find the right professional at the right price. I was thrilled with the prompt responses to all my calls and emails. Moreover, she offers emotional support and understands the fragile state a prospective client is in. She spent much time on the phone lending a sympathetic ear, constantly reassuring me that there is hope for me. We also cleared up the finances so that I did not have to deal with hospital bills, surgeon’s bills, anesthetist’s bills, etc. I paid once and that was it. I had a lovely stay in a private room in a private clinic. Everything was organized and on time, down to the last detail. I did not get a sense that I was treated as secondary because I am a local, knowing full well that Surgical Attractions has many international clients. What a pleasure not having to deal with all the searching, admin and finance but being able to hand it over to a professional like Ingrid. She earned every part of her commission. Thank you Surgical Attractions for making my dream come true.

Patient's photo

Kathy, Rhinoplasty patient.


Hi Ingrid

Thanks for a life changing experience.

Sorry I have taken a while to email you but I have only just arrived back in Australia. Just a short note to say thank you to, yourselves, the surgeon and his staff and to the fantastic staff at the clinic. For the last 10 years I hated the way I looked,I seem to have this lump where my tummy used to be and these huge breasts. I constantly had pain in my neck back and shoulders, I cannot even remember when last I was in a swimming costume.

Well now thanks to everyone involved I look brilliant and feel great. It was truly the most amazing experience of my life. Even more amazing was the fact that I never so much as took a pain pill the entire time, and I am the biggest baby when it comes to pain. When he promised he would change my life, he really did uphold his side of the bargain.

To the staff of surgical attractions thank you so much for all your help and support, when I messed up all my accommodation arrangements, you pulled out all stops to help me. When I got lost in traffic you were there to help me find my way to where I should be.

Thank you so much for everything you all really changed my life, I will forever be grateful.

Kind Regards.

Claire A.


Hi There Ingrid...

Wow...can you believe it has been one week all ready..

I am back home doing my normal thing and must say I am feeling GREAT..

The operation went very well. My stay with Jackie was the absolute BEST!!!!! Thank you for recommending her. She is an angel. I would just like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU dearly for all your hard work and effort that you put in with my arrangements. I do not regret for one minute that I chose you to help me..

I will most definitely keep in touch. There might just be a few more things that I would like to do..

You take good care of yourself and thanks again for every thing!




Dear Ingrid,

I am due to return home tomorrow and I just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with the outcome of my 'procedures'. It is potentially unnerving to arrive in a distant country for surgery, miles from family and friends, but the arrangements you put in place for my trip to South Africa made the whole experience feel safe and professional.

Many thanks to Sandy for looking after me so carefully, both before surgery and afterwards - I couldn't have managed without her!

Two weeks after surgery, I am happy to report that my 'wish list' has been skillfully achieved by Dr Stuart, who has taken great care to ensure that the end result is all I had hoped for! He showed great patience and understanding throughout my recovery period and has made sure that I am entirely happy before I leave South Africa - I couldn't have been in safer hands.

Thank you for making it all possible.

Kindest regards,



Hello Ingrid,

The journey back to Canada was a long 25 Hours with all the flight delays and then -10C with snow at my final destination.

The results of the numerous rejuvenations were apparent for my self and to my co-workers and friends (“You look refreshed. The holiday did you wonders, You look 15 years younger”).

You delivered on your commitments and all was worth it. Now to tackle with the smoking and exercise mandate.

Thank you again for all you have done. I will highly recommend your organization.


Lawrence D.


I have recently returned from Johannesburg, South Africa, Where I had a breast augmentation procedure. I am writing this letter to recommend not only the surgeon who performed my surgery but also Ingrid Lomas from Surgical Attractions, for it was she who organised the whole trip and procedure for me.

I found doing business with Ingrid to be extremely pleasant and easy, the whole trip was organised by email and a telephone consultation with the surgeon and I was surprised at how little I had to do, as Ingrid had dealt with the whole matter for me in a very professional way and I feel that she could have done nothing more to help in answering my questions and queries. It was this professionalism on her behalf that made me very confident and happy about the trip and procedure I was about to embark upon.

The luxury hotel accommodation that Ingrid had arranged for me was absolutely first class and my surgeon and stay at the clinic could not have been better, in fact although I have seen many breast augmentations that have been done on others I have never seen a breast augmentation done to the high standards as achieved with mine. The cost of the trip and procedure was excellent and knowing now the high level of standards I received, I would have paid a lot more!

Ingrid's commitment to my well being and happiness was second to none and I was surprised at the level of dedication she showed me, by visiting me at the clinic after my procedure, ringing and visiting me at regular intervals during my stay to make sure I was completely happy and even ringing my partner back at home to let him know I had arrived safe and well. I have now returned home extremely happy with memories of my holiday of a lifetime and perfect breasts.

I would definitely recommend Surgical Attractions to anyone and everyone considering a surgical procedure. In fact I was so impressed by Surgical Attractions that I will be returning in the near future to have a procedure done to cure my hyperhidrosis and I will be bringing my partner along so we can both experience another holiday of a lifetime.

I wish you kind regards and the best of luck.

Joanne Scaife,
West Yorkshire, England.

(To read more about her experience with Surgical Attractions see the NOW magazine article in our Media News section)


I would not hesitate to recommend Surgical Attractions to anyone considering Cosmetic Surgery.

I flew to Cape Town, South Africa this year where I had a full Rhinoplasty procedure and Liposuction on my abdomen, inner and outer thighs. The surgeon was very friendly, knowledgeable and caring and 2 weeks after the surgery, you could hardly notice the scars. The Clinic staff were exceptional. They were also very caring and respected my dignity at all times. I was amazed that I only required 1 pain killer after the surgery and then 48 hours later, I went on the open top bus for a tour around Cape Town.

I spent 10 days in Cape Town. Ingrid Lomas organized for Cathy to be my contact and companion carer during that time. She transferred me from and to the airport and all of my Doctor's appointments. Cathy and Ingrid made sure that my stay was very comfortable. The staff at the accommodation where I stayed was faultless and Cape Town has much to do when you are able to start moving around.

I am Australian and live in London, so I considered having surgery in many places. I chose Cape Town because I always wanted to go to South Africa, I had dealt with South African Doctors in the past and I knew their education was good, and it was half the price of London.

In order to obtain a great result, I recommend that anyone considering Cosmetic Surgery should have very specific ideas as to the result that they want to achieve. It is highly important that you deal with a company that can arrange for you to communicate this to the surgeon pre operatively. Surgical Attractions did just that and I couldn't be happier with my results.

Kindest regards,

Dr Tanya Kelly,


This letter is to validate my participation as a client of Surgical Attractions.

I'm a USA citizen, and I found out about Surgical Attractions through a forum of women who had plastic surgery outside the USA. There, I heard a very motivating story about a woman who used the company Surgical Attractions. I was very interested on how private and modern this woman's experience was.

Once I visited the company's website and filled out the inquiry form, I was communicating on a regular basis with one of the representative of Surgical Attractions. To my benefit the representative that I was communicating with turned out to be the CEO of Surgical Attractions, Ingrid Lomas.

Throughout my communication with Ingrid I discussed every aspect of my trip. We went over my accommodations, transports, tours, and medical procedure. I also was given a complete history of the doctor who Surgical Attractions thought best for my particular medical procedure.

One thing that I particularly like was that I was able to communicate with the doctor by email before I made my decision. Once I was in South Africa, I was welcomed by my personal companion. This person was very nice and very helpful throughout my whole stay in Cape Town, South Africa. She first took me to my pre-operative visit with my doctor. On this visit, all of my questions and concerns were completely gone.

On the day of my surgery (like every day of my stay) I was pamper and well taking cared of. The procedure itself was quicker and less painful then I thought it would be. After my procedure, I had all the attentions of my doctor, personal companion, hotel personnel and Ingrid Lomas.

I was very satisfied with every aspect of my breast augmentation. They were identical to the ideal shape and size the doctor and I determined will be best for me. Over all, my experience with Surgical Attractions was a great success. My procedure was done by one of the most qualified plastic surgeon in South Africa.

The tours I took of Cape Town were simply delightful and I was well taken care of during my whole stay. I truly recommend people who are looking for the comfort, care, privacy, and safety of going away for plastic surgery to do it with Surgical Attractions.

D. C. - USA.


After deciding to undergo cosmetic surgery and finding the prices here in the UK very high, I decided to research other countries. After trying different companies in South Africa I contacted Surgical Attractions for a quote that I found highly to my liking. E-mail's were answered very quickly without pressure, giving facts I requested to satisfy my queries. Going away for two weeks for major surgery alone was a very difficult decision.

After talking at length with Ingrid via e-mail and to my surgeon via phone the decision was made and transfer of fee was made via my own bank very quickly. On arrival at the airport I was transferred to my accommodation, a very comfortable and quiet guest house. My consultation with the surgeon was informative and surgery well handled at the clinic. Although brace yourself for the early morning wake-up calls!

My recovery was in a quiet suburb of Johannesburg and although a little sheltered offered tranquility and the peace I needed. After 6 days I felt well enough to venture out to the shopping malls and after less than a week treated myself to a few day trips and a few glasses of wine with Ingrid. During this time the owner of my guest house was available to me and offered her services 24 hours a day if needed. Support from Surgical Attractions was only a call away for added support.

On return to the UK, I feel the experience was of a better quality than if I had stayed in the UK particularly due to the convalescence. I took precautions for known complications of both long haul flights and major surgery after advice from my South African surgeon through Surgical Attractions and my GP at home.

The advice, support and genuine kindness from Surgical Attractions went above and beyond the necessary and I feel this care eradicated what could have potentially been a very trying time post operatively. I feel that although I paid less for my treatment I certainly did not compromise on care and attention.

The results of my surgery are very impressive and I now feel much happier in my own skin.

Wendie Smith,
UK Abdominoplasty and Liposuction Patient.


I want to add my "story" to the others who has had plastic surgery in SA - which was a totally positive experience in all aspects.

First I want it to be known that I am a 60 year old woman from a Scandinavian country, who is currently working in an African country. Add to that I have been smoking cigarettes for most of my adult life.

After the menopause my body certainly took a turn for the worse, every body part seemed to be sagging and "going south". Being a relatively active and outgoing woman I wanted to find out if something could be done about it, and by logging on to the Internet I came across the web side of Surgical Attraction, thank heavens for that.

Ingrid Lomas very quickly responded to my e-mail questions if at all it was possible for a "smoking old lady" to undergo plastic surgery. Her response was extremely positive and welcoming, so much that I flew to Jo’burg to consult in person with her and the surgeon, another very pleasant encounter. He reassured me that it was very much possible to "fix me up". The things I wanted done were the following:

  • Breast lift
  • Liposuction around the waist and back
  • Abdominoplasty

So I went ahead and did the first procedure in March, which was the breast lifts. All went fantastically well, and 2 days later I was up and out shopping in the lovely Rosebank Mall.

In July I returned for my liposuction, and again all went very well. The last op, and biggest one, the Abdominoplasty was done in August. In all, 3 rather big operations all done in a 5 month period.

The results are great, I am very happy about it all. I had no infections of any kind, hardly any pain, and after each op I was up and about the next day. The scars healed very well indeed, too.

Ingrid Lomas of Surgical Attraction was/is a fantastic person, both professionally and on a more personal level. Very well suited for the job.

The surgeon also deserves praise for the great job he did. And neither he nor Ingrid told me I was too old and shouldn't do it, seeing I was healthy and of sound mind.

I am stressing this point so that other women that think they may be to old should re-think the idea before giving up, if I could, so can others. And I will also stress the following point: The pain I had envisaged after the operations was not there, only a little discomfort, naturally, so that I also threw away the painkillers a day or two later. I have no regret whatsoever.

So dearest Ingrid, thanks for everything, I may just pop back to Jo’burg again one of these days for lip-augmentation. All the best to you and your great practice, women all over need you!

From Ingunn, now 60 and a half, in excellent health and spirit.


I'm back and I'm thrilled with the result! I can't believe how easy it all was either. Still deciding whether to let on that I'm looking so good due to surgery or not! I don't know how long I'll be able to keep it to myself mind you I'm just so excited and everyone keeps telling me how good I look. I just smile. Thanks again for everything it was a real pleasure meeting you and the team and I will be back on that you can bet!

Till next time 'tot seens' - is that how you spell it?



Sorry I've taken so long to write. You must have just about given up on me by now but the truth is that I have been invited out so much since I got back by everyone who wanted to seethe new improved me that I have not had that much time for emailing but its been worth it because just about all my friends now want boob jobs.

Even those with good ones think mine look better so you can expect a whole bunch of new clients to descend on you any time now. I also wanted say thanks for arranging everything so good. The surgeon, the accommodation, Dinah, the mountain (just joking but sometimes I think you're so good you could have arranged that too).

I am coming back to Cape Town for sure.

(Name Withheld by Request)


I can't thank you enough for turning my life around. I used to be this total recluse type person with a big nose. Now I'm out all the time showing off not only my new nose which I love but because of it the new me - I can't believe the confidence it’s given me. Well I can in a way - I mean I used to dream about having this kind of nose and now I have to pinch myself every time I see it in the mirror. And Dr S was 100% right when he suggested the Lip Augmentation - together with the nose I think I really look GOOD.

Jane B.


How's life in South Africa these days? And how are you. I really miss it and the great time I had there and thank you so much for making my stay so special. I never thought I'd recover from my tummy tuck so quick and be able to actually go clubbing during my stay.

Thanks Ingrid for the socialising you were great and so is the result of my procedure.

A flat tummy is something I have been wanting for so long and now I have it. Just wait until I hit the beach in Spain this summer wearing a bikini for the first time in 10 years I cannot wait.

Please pass on my best wishes to everybody too.

And thanks again for everything.


I thought I'd miss SA far too much to enjoy being back but thanks to my new body and boobs I am enjoying being back more than I could have thought. I'm looking good and feeling great and just about every magazine or TV show you watch seems to be about surgery in South Africa and I just want to say yes that's where I've just come back from and it is a truly great place to go to for plastic surgery. There was an article quoting you by the way in the Guardian - did you see it? I can always send you it if you want because I kept it. So just let me know.

I will keep in touch with you Ingrid and I hope you will stay in touch with me.

Best wishes,
From Sue.


Thank you. My mother who didn't want me to have surgery thinks I look beautiful my boyfriend thinks I look beautiful and my cat thinks I'm look beautiful but most of all I know I look beautiful.

This surgery was the best thing I ever did for myself ever. And if I ever need anything more done I will come to you because you and your surgeons and everybody so wonderful I can't believe how lucky I was to find you.

I will send you the photos of the whole family as promised soon and I will also send you the photos I took at the game lodge. There is one of me and this gorgeous ranger who drove our rover vehicle. It was so beautiful there I could have stayed much longer.

Take care of yourself Ingrid.


How are you? I'm missing you and all the wonderful places I visited in SA already and I've virtually only been home 24 hours. Thank you, thank you, and thank you for arranging this trip of a life time for me. Not to mention my wonderful new face. Remember how scared I was? Thank goodness I got you when I emailed about it. If you hadn't listened to me constantly for I don't know how long and arranged that telephone consultation I would still be 'thinking about it' and not having it done.

I've had rave reviews from everyone and the general consensus of opinion is that I look 10 years younger. Andy of course says I look like the young girl he married way back when but I suppose he’s biased. Never mind I like hearing it. So my friend I must go and some work for a change. I will write again soon.

Lots of love,


Here I am back coming home but oh how I wish I am still there in the beautiful Cape Town with the warm sun.

It is now winter time here and it is cold but my heart is warm for the thought of Cape Town and all the beautiful people and place I am seeing and visiting.

My surgery still is beautiful also and will always be for me I am sure.

You were wonderful to me and also Suzin and Stuart. Please to give my thanks for everyone.



I am back but my soul is still in Africa in the bush where I am sure I really belong. You and Dr B not only gave me a whole new look that I shall be eternally grateful for but you introduced me to the 'Bushveld' and an experience of wild life that I shall treasure forever.

Thank you also for the rest of my trip. For your caring nature and constant reassurances prior to me coming out and when I was there. It was great to meet with Dr B in Harley Street also prior to my visit and just recently for a follow-up. I didn't really need to go as everything is just fine but I thought what the heck it'll be really nice to see someone from SA again!

I'll come again of course - it wasn't just the wine talking the night before I left - I really do intend having that extra Lipo next year - so stand by and get the cork out of the wine bottle!

(Name Withheld by Request)


I'm a changed woman. I can't tell you what a relief it is to be able to shop for clothes without having to worry about over-sized breasts. In fact as I told you when I was in Jo’burg I never every wanted to shop before my op. Now you can't keep me away. My credit card is taking a bit of a pounding of course but I content myself by saying I have a lot of time to make up for.

On a serious note I really want to thank you for making every bit of my trip and stay run so smoothly and professionally. I would recommend you and Surgical Attractions to anyone and everyone who asks me about my experience in South Africa. It’s always scary, for everyone I am sure; to contemplate surgery in a foreign country but you, the surgeon, the guest lodge and the weather of course made it all a thoroughly fantastic experience.

Keep well Ingrid, keep up the good work and keep in touch.

Kind regards,


I just wanted to write and say that you are fantastic and Dr Stuart is amazing. My face and my body look like a million dollars and I couldn't be happier with the result. I also couldn't be happier with my time away with you. I loved the little guest lodge, I loved Winnie and her caring attitude and constantly thoughtful gestures and I also loved being in Cape Town. Thank you so much for arranging everything and for the beautiful flowers.

If you are ever in the UK I would love to see you again so please contact me!

Best wishes,


Still laughing such a lot? I hope so - you have a great laugh and I really miss hearing it.

Thanks again for arranging my surgery, my accommodation and tours and of course for entertaining me the way you did. I had a ball and now I am back home I intend having a few more!! My new breasts are an 'outstanding success' and I can't understand why I never had them done sooner. Possibly I just had to wait for the time when I searched the internet and found you and Surgical Attractions. Your site is fantastic and so is everything you offer, I know because I experienced a lot of it first hand.

You take care,


Tim and I are back to the daily grind again after our fantastic time in SA. The memories of our stay are however still fresh in our minds as is your great South African way of life and the wonderful attention we received from the surgeon and staff at the clinic.

My tummy is coming along nicely and my new eyes are beautiful without the sags and bags but when I look at how much younger and gorgeous Tim looks with his neck lift I can't help but think I should start saving for a face lift. I can't have him looking more gorgeous than me can I? Just joking of course but maybe a face lift isn't such a bad idea.

I shall have to talk more about this to you at a later stage. In the meanwhile thanks again for all that you did for us. Tim sends his love also.



I knew I could never afford all the plastic surgery I wanted at home but I want you to know that I would never have seriously considered going abroad for it if I hadn't made contact with you and Surgical Attractions.

You and the wonderful team of experts that you surround yourself with really made my decision to have surgery in South Africa so easy. Not once did I truly feel nervous or alone and the results speak for themselves.

I not only look younger but the new confidence the surgery has given me is also worth its weight in gold.

There is not a day that goes by that I don't mention you and Surgical Attractions to someone. If I wasn't so grateful to you all for what you have given me I'd ask you to put me on the payroll for all the advertising I'm giving you!

Fondest thoughts and best wishes,


Promised to write long ago I know. Please don't think I've forgotten about you and the rest of the gang I absolutely have not. Truth is I could never forget because to do so would be to forget who was responsible for the new guy that I am enjoying being!

Thanks for everything.



How you doing?

I'm writing to you about my friend Patsy. She, like everyone else, is totally knocked out by my new face but she will not believe me when I tell her it was not painful, that I did not have big clamps in the back of my head, massive bruises and that I was doing the rounds at the shopping malls in Cape Town just a few days after my procedure.

So please can you write to her and tell her that what I say is true. She also wants one but won't believe me that it was so easy. I know that because I don't smoke probably helped but she only smokes now and then so her result shouldn't be that different should it? Maybe I'll get her to email you and then you can tell her all about it.

I also told her how great it was meeting you and Dinah and what a great time I had, so half of her wants to believe me and come out there!

Speak soon,


I can't believe that I wanted to come out to South Africa for a Tummy Tuck and go home again as soon as possible thereafter. Thank you for explaining that the recuperation takes time and only agreeing to do it if I stayed for the prescribed time. If I hadn't come to Surgical Attractions I would have missed out on so much of your beautiful country and your fine hospitality.

My tummy looks flatter by the day and I can't wait for the total swelling from the Liposuction to go down so that I can show off the brand new me to the world.

Thanks Ingrid for putting up with my constant questions and for introducing me to the best surgeon in the world!

Much love,


You know how I appreciate everything that you did for while I was with you but I just wanted to write and say it all over again.

I like my surgery more and more each day as the swelling continues to go down round my middle and memories of South Africa, you and everyone else are still so fresh in my mind that when I wake up in the morning I still think I'm going to get up have breakfast, lie around the pool and then do some more shopping when I suddenly realise I'm back at home and all I'm going to do is get up and go to work.

Oh well not all the good things can last forever but I wish my time in South Africa could just have lasted a little bit longer. There was so much more I still wanted to see and do so I'll just have to start saving to come back.



How is it going! You won't believe this cause I've been meaning to mail you for a while. But after I last spoke to you from Cape Town after the Winelands tour and before we caught the plane we went to this place on the waterfront and guess who was there!? Sting if you don't mind I promise you. There were masses of people but I recognized him straight away.

Anyway so that another highlight of our trip the first being our liposuction of course (now its summer I've managed to keep my legs brown and I reckon I'm looking pretty good and Sue as you know is over the moon) and the second meeting up with you in Jo’burg and then coming to Cape Town for more good times. Anyway Ingrid I thought I'd just let you know who we were rubbing shoulders with in Cape Town.



Hi - I just opened your e-mail. Thank you for the speedy follow-up. From our chat and your correspondence - I see why people travel half way around the world to work with you and your team!

Your note really gave me a boost of much needed encouragement! Thanks and I will chat with you again soon because I really want to do this now!



Firstly all the information I give you should no way sway you regarding your procedure. You should have it firm in your mind that the surgery is what you want.

From my experience, I went alone to South Africa for Abdominoplasty 2 weeks under the care of Ingrid Lomas. The care was very good with no infections or post operative complications. I stayed in a pretty guest house which provided me with a bedroom with private bathroom and had the use of the gardens and pool and the lady owner I stayed with was very considerate of my needs and acted as a guardian.

Ingrid was available 24 hours a day, although I never contacted her out of hours. She also took me out socially which I feel enhanced my experience of South Africa. Ingrid is very considerate towards her clients and acts as a go between client and surgeon. On return to the UK I could have had an appointment with the Surgeon for a check-up but I didn't feel it necessary.

As for the post op recovery and pain after surgery, any surgery will have pain but it doesn't last long and I was back to work within a month. I had to wear a compression garment which helps with the swelling and also gives support to the area.

In terms of cost effectiveness, I looked at several companies before deciding on Surgical Attractions however as each individual's care needs differ you should discuss with Ingrid what you feel you will need.

I hope this information helps you.

WS – UK.